Private Investigators Birmingham

Birmingham Private Investigators

Birmingham Private Investigators have a wealth of experience in the Investigation Industry with being apart of the leading investigation company ‘Dukeries Detective Agency Limited‘ which was formed in 1972. Our Birmingham location is our most recent as we look to expand our services throughout the United Kingdom.

When you contact Birmingham Investigators you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist who will take all relevant details and forward you onto our case manager who deals with investigations in the Birmingham and West Midlands area.

We are a professional investigation company that ensures we deliver the best possible results and we understand what it is that our clients require. There are few scenarios and locations that our private investigators fail to gain a positive result and we have a reputation for obtaining results where other investigation companies seem to fail.

Absolute discretion and confidentiality is paramount when carrying out any investigation, as the consequences of indiscretion can be quite severe. We guarantee absolute client confidentiality and discretion.

Why are our Birmingham Private Investigators Different.

Birmingham Private Investigators are not your stereotypical private investigator; we have built an Investigative firm based on transparency, openness and simply doing great work.